Bootcamp-Week 2…update w/recipe

This was week 2 of bootcamp for me!

Oh what love does to you phase…
Well let me back track so you get the whole story on the bootcamp thing.  When I lived in the big city and had the luxury of fitness and boxing gyms I was all over it.  I worked out regularly at the gym and boxed as often as 5 days a week. 

And then came Mr. Loveslovesloves.  It’s amazing how much things change when you add another person to your life.  It’s not that I let myself go, but the time I would normally spend at the gym was spent with him or on the phone with him.  So technically I let myself go.  Many, many pounds later, a new wardrobe later, and mild unhappiness with what I saw in the mirror (I love me!!! so I wasn’t too unhappy) I decided to get back to working out.  Not so much because of my appearance but because I am a much happier person when I exercise.  I joined a bootcamp!!!  Oh my gosh I love intense workouts!!!  Let me tell you it was tough stuff.  And to add to the mix I am not a runner, but everytime I had to run and was getting yelled at “DON’T STOP!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!  WORK HARDER!!! I didn’t swear under my breath as most people did….I chanted “beauty is pain! beauty is pain! I am beautiful! I can do this! come on ladies say it with me!”.  And they always did.

The things you do for love phase…
Then I moved to be with Mr. Loveslovesloves because we were so in love and about to be married.  During that time between moving and waiting for the wedding to come around I fell off the workout wagon.  Most people go through all kinds of craziness to prepare for their wedding.  Unh unh not me!  I did the opposite.  I ate and ate and ate!  I don’t know if it was due to the stress or because I was acclimating to my new environment (little city/country life), BUT I ATE!!!  And of course with all that eating all the weight came right back on.  So after a disappointing dress fitting I slapped myself in the face and said “you need to get back on your game chick!!!”.  Thankfully in this small city there was a gym that offered, my kind of workout…bootcamp!  I joined and after several intense workouts I looked absolutely beautiful in my wedding dress!  

And then came the honeymoon phase…
Back to eating, cuddling on the sofa watching movies, eating, fitting into my big girl jeans, and a little more eating.  It has been a few months of that nonsense and I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to get back to the happy beautiful me that I love so dearly.  I really wanted to document my progress last week after Thursday weigh in but decided to leave that bit of info out.  After continued success I have decided to let the whole world know!!!  Last week (week 1-1/2) I weighed in and had dropped 2 lbs.  Woohoo!!!  Let me tell you that was no easy feat.  I told the trainer (drill sergeant) what my goals were and he has definitely pushed me toward those goals.  He knew I was going to the big city this past weekend so he gave me a little bigger push “YOU WANT THAT MARGARITA WITH YOUR GIRLS DON’T YOU?!?! THIS IS RUNNING, WHY ARE YOU WALKING?!?! WHAT IS THAT?!?!  MOVE YOUR A–!!!”  Let me tell you over the weekend with the girls as I watched them sip on their beverages and munch on yumminess all I thought “was I worked so hard I am not going to ruin it now”.  

So before my 5:30am workout this morning I weighed in (week 2-1/2)….drumroll please!!!  I lost one more pound!!!!  Woohoo!!!!  Yay me!!!!! 

I have decided, to help me to be accountable for myself and to motivate and encourage you as well I will document my workout achievements on my blog.   At the end of bootcamp on Thursdays we are given a weekend homework assignment.  So I will share it with you today so you too can complete the assignment.  One hour and half of cardio, 100 crunches or ab exercise, and 100 pushups.  I know it is absolutely ffffrrrreeeezzzing outside but there are other things you can do indoors to get your heart pumping such as jump ropes without the rope, jumping jacks, high knees, kick butts, or jump the invisible line.  Or you can just throw in your favorite workout DVD.

Pasta Bake
1-1/2 cups of wheat rotini pasta (cooked)
1 jar spaghetti sauce
3/4 lb ground turkey (browned)
1 can sliced mushrooms
1 cup reduced fat mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup reduced fat parmesan cheese
PC Parmesan-Garlic Seasoning

Preheat oven to 350°.  In casserole dish mix cooked pasta, browned ground turkey, drained can of mushrooms, 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese and a few sprinkles of Pampered Chef Parmesan-Garlic Seasoning (I use this stuff for EVERYTHING!!!).  Stir and then top with remaining mozzarella and parmesan cheese mixture.  Cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes.  Serve with salad topped with fat-free dressing. 
Post your goals (today) and weekend homework progress (Monday) in the comments section.  Accountability babay!!!

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One Response to Bootcamp-Week 2…update w/recipe

  1. shane says:

    my goals: since being challenged to do this, I will do the homework over the weekend and hopefully it wont kill or hurt me. I will post my results on monday.. I was told to start some where and this might just be it..Thanx!!

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