Mimosas and wine charms…

Thanks to my lovely sister and cousin I have found something new to take up my time.  For my bridal shower these fabulous ladies made wine glass charms for all the ladies to use on the stem of our mimosas.  Well, I loved them so much I ended up making some as Christmas gifts and gifting them to one of my girlfriends.  Since then I have had so many people requesting them I decided to set up shop and sell them. 

My favorites are the best friend wine glass charms

and the western wine glass charms.

While we are on the subject of mimosas….. how about a delicious mimosa recipe?!?!  My sister’s Sunday favorite!!!  Sister I think you will like this one!  It doesn’t require the use of that thing in your kitchen called a stove.  For all my lovies (sheloveslovesloves followers) that don’t know my sister I am not bad-mouthing her.  She truly has an allergy to the kitchen.  Okay just sometimes (maybe most of the time).  Lol!  Although…she has gotten in there to make some Cowboy Bread recently.  Maybe I can convince her to make it for a future post…cough cough Sister.  Oh and I forgot, she did make some quesadilla cups for the Super Bowl game!  Now back to the mimosa recipe. UGHHHH!!!! If only I can get my darling husband to QUIT snapping pictures of me I can focus!!!!!  I have been slaving in the kitchen over dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, playing Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly and am trying to post on my blog!!!!!  RRRRaaaaooooooaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!!!  I am not cute at this moment!!!!  Okay once again…back to the recipe. 

Mimosa Punch
2 cans of pineapple-orange juice concentrate (thawed)
1-2 liters of club soda
1-2 bottles of chilled champagne

In large punch bowl or pitcher mix together the thawed pineapple-orange juice concentrate and club soda.  Stir in champagne.  Serve and enjoy!!!!

Note:  I use the Pampered Chef Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher because it has a plunger that you can use to mix the contents.  So much easier!  And it holds a whole lot more!  😉

Let me know how the Mimosa’s turn out for Sunday brunch…or any old day for that matter!

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One Response to Mimosas and wine charms…

  1. Gena _P says:

    I LOVE MIMOSAS!!!!! And your charms are the cutest. Where can I get some cause we all know, I love me some wine.

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