Bootcamp – Week 5

This past week was really hard for me.  And I’m not talking about the workout…well that was hard too, but his week was hard for me because I did NOTHING!!!  No gain, no loss.  Last weekend the Loveslovesloves family went out of town and I TOTALLY splurged (I get one cheat meal)!!!  We went to PF Changs…oh how I love that place! 

Husband and I had a dinner for two meal.  It came with soup, an appetizer, two entrees, and two desserts.  Oh how yummy it was!!!  He let’s me order whatever I want off the menu becuase he was blessed with some good metabolism and doesn’t think of what’s going into his belly (or in my case hips, thighs, and back side).  Sunday morning we went to Elmo’s and I did it again.  I had French Toast and picked off of Mr. Loves omelette.  I knew Sunday night all that food had totally ruined my hard work.  I felt every bit of it!!! 

So first thing Monday morning I went to boot camp and I did what any responsible workout mama cow would do…I TOLD ON MYSELF!!!  I told him becuase I felt guilty.  His response was “sometimes you need to fall off to get back to where you need to be” and “are you ready for this week”.  Man, did I fall off or what?!?!  No, I wasn’t ready.  I was very afraid.  But I wasn’t having any of that nonsense.  I worked too dang hard!  Yes, I was ready!!!  It was back to work full speed ahead for me.

I went in THREE times this week…and man did he kick my butt (so did I for telling him the truth)?!?!  Monday’s workout was the worst of them all (but that’s a good thing)!  It consisted of uphill running, uphill skipping, uphill lunges, uphill shuffle, more uphill running, and ANYTHING he could get us to do UP-freaking-HILL!!!!  Now I’m not complaining but dang that was some tough shtuff!  Tough stuff usually=good stuff. 

I have no loss to report this week, but I am happy with the direction I am headed.  Lesson of the week…DON’T OVERINDULGE ON YOUR CHEAT MEAL!!!

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2 Responses to Bootcamp – Week 5

  1. Gena _P says:

    well, its a good thing you didnt go to the cook-off cause I ate some GOOOOOOOOD BBQ oh and not to mention the overindulgence of beverages of the Alcohol variety. hehehe. And don’t let me mention Saturdays pizza and cake sponge bob party. OMG, you would have hurt yourself hanging out with me this past weekend. hehehe

  2. Sheloveslovesloves says:

    You B!!! So not nice! You are right I would’ve done some damage. Especially the cookoff…heard some partied like a rockstar and felt like death the once it was all said and done. Good thing I opted to stay home and do the domestic thing!!! Put husband to work! Lol!

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