They Don’t Make Houses Like That Anymore…

Let me begin by saying I am sooo sorry I haven’t posted in a while.   I have been working on a photography class as well as a couple of other classes and some top secret projects which I hope to share with you in the future.  I should be documenting my progress in my photo-taking skills, but man where does the time go?!?! 

Oma and Opa went out of town for a couple of days.  Opa had to go get the old ticker checked and Oma had some dog grooming and shopping to get done.  You know we’z country folk have to travel over yonder to do them sorts of things.  In their absence the loveslovesloves fam went out to feed the cows!!!  Of course it wouldn’t be a day if my group didn’t act up or pick on mom while performing chores.

And yes, they really were trying to spray me…camera and all.  That’s just how they roll.  And I yell…”hey guys! you better not spray me! the water goes in the trough not on mom and the camera!!!”

While mr. love and little love were messing around these two little ladies were wondering what the world those crazy people were doing with their water…and why they were trying to splash that nice young lady taking their pictures.

They were saying just wait ’til Opa finds out what you are doing.  I’m gonna tell on you.

They are growing to be so big and pretty!!! 

On our way back to the house we came across mr. loves old tree house. 

The first thing out of Lydi’s mouth was “dad why haven’t you built me one of these in our backyard”.  We all stood there admiring it in all it’s cuteness.   They don’t build houses like that anymore!!!  And to think that handsome man of mine once occupied it.  I bet he was a cute little guy!  I’m sure he got into all kinds of shtuff!!!  Yes I said it mr. loves “YOU GOT INTO ALL KINDS OF SH-TUFF!!!”. 

So then I start to wonder do kids still make tree houses, or forts, or castles, or play houses like we used to.  Every kid has to have some sort of playhouse!!!  I remember a little girl that lived across the street from my dad’s house had a nice little playhouse…I think it even had an a/c unit in it.  That was some fancy stuff in my day!!!

What did you have growing up…a tree house, fort, or castle?  Leave a comment describing what your playhouse consisted of.

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2 Responses to They Don’t Make Houses Like That Anymore…

  1. Irma says:

    This is so adorable CC. I just love reading your blog. It really makes my day. You’re so cheerfull. Keep them coming!

    I didn’t have a fort or clubhouse outside but we alway built “tents” with sheet inside our room 🙂 Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    Luv u guys!

    • Sheloveslovesloves says:

      I totally remember tents inside the house out of every sheet and comforter we could get our hands on, twisted around anything we could attach it to. Lol!!!

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