Sweet Man of Mine…

Sunday while doing our weekly grocery shopping mr. loves made his way to the adult beverage section…wine to be exact.  He asked the lady working in that area for a good sangria.  She recommended Messina Hoff Sweet Sangria.  All the while I am standing in the background with a puzzled, where did that come from look (or as my sister calls it botox face).  Not that he hasn’t bought me wine many times before, but for whatever reason over the past year or so we have stopped consuming the oh so delicious, and healthy (according to some studies and doctor recommendations) glass of wine…or two, or oh we finished the bottle.  Our adult beverage intake has decreased to special occasions, and our special occasion outings have decreased to oh maybe a handful of times a year, but even then we have been passing on joining in the celebratory beverages.  I know sister you are just pounding your head on your desk as you read this saying “oh geez you old fart”.  Lol!!!  She tells me this quite often.

Today was, in short, a day!!!  Mr. Loves had a so so day and I had one big honkin’ heckuva day!!!  He made it oh so much better with his romantic and spontaneous gesture.  While I was cooking dinner, washing dishes in between stirring, and starting a load of laundry mr. loves pulled out the bottle of sangria he bought Sunday, a glass for me, and a glass for him. 

You might wonder how is it spontaneous if I was there when he bought it, but the thing is he buys wine for me occasionally and we keep them in the cabinet to gift or share with guests (whenever we do have people over…once upon a time that was EVERY weekend).  I expected this sangria to be the same, I even thought it was a gift for my sangria buddy (you know who you are starts with R and ends with A).  LOL!!!

I am thankful today for his timeless spontaneity!!!  I guess that man of mine can be sweet when he wants to be.  He is just as sweet as that sangria, if not sweeter!!!

Good shtuff after a long day!!!

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One Response to Sweet Man of Mine…

  1. Irma says:

    They do surprise us every once in a while CC….I’m so glad to see you’re so happy. LUV U…maybe c u soon 😉

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