Lady Bits – Visit 1

OMGreatness!!!  When I say it was a day…I mean it was A day!!!  This post is very personal and may be too detailed for some readers.  If you are sensitive and/or easily offended, please do not read past this point.  It is probably TMI, but I am sharing because I am miles and miles from my mom, sister, aunts, cousins, or girlfriends so in my little online world you are my support group…sooo here you have it!

Today was my first visit with my lady bit doctor…not the first time in my life but here in the sticks.  Not only was it my first visit here in town, but to top it off he was a male.  Oh, but wait it doesn’t stop there!  I found out yesterday, the day before my scheduled visit, we work out together!  Pardon my fancy words, but freaking A!  This is so my luck!!!  The one thing that kept me from cancelling is that he comes HIGHLY recommended.  And to put it out there so you know my lady parts are broken.  I was told by my last doc in the big city that my chances of conceiving are like winning the lottery.  REALLY?!?! 

Today I was so over the moon nervous.  I was sweaty, shaky, nauseous, dehydrated, I couldn’t eat, I kept rocking my leg, I was just freaking nervous as heck! My blood pressure even told them so.  The nurse tells me there is nothing to worry about that he is one of the best doctors and she is sincere.  So I lay there on the bed with thoughts of me on a beach.
This is the view as I lay on the bed waiting for the doctor to come in.  Don’t worry it was just a visit, not a pap “party”, as he called it.  Lol!  Oh but if he thought he was funny I had one even better.  I introduce myself with my name and proceed to tell him I like nice long walks on the beach, my favorite color is pink and red, I love cheeseburgers, and I’m nervous.  Why did I say all that?  Because if he is going to be checking out my lady bits he needs to get to know me.  We need to be on that level.  He got a kick out of all that.  Thankfully it was just a get to know me visit. 

I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and endometriosis a couple of years ago, and have hypothyroidism.  All of these ailments=hard time conceiving.  But he said he is going to fix me right up, just not yet.  He doesn’t disagree that I am broken, but is sure I can be fixed.  In the meantime I was given a few samples of prenatals vitamins to try out so I could start on the right track. 

I can say it was a great visit!!!  I left there with a little skip in my step knowing that maybe this can happen.  And mr. loves was just as happy!

My other point of this post is to tell my lady followers to take care of yourself.  Don’t ignore happenings with your body.  Don’t put off visits for fear of the unknown or the known that you choose to ignore in hopes that it will get better all on it’s own.  I have known for years and years about my -myosis issues but chose not to deal with them and here I am today.

I will keep you posted!!!  Until then take care of yourself!!  Get your regular checkups.  Do your research.  Follow doctors orders.  Eat healthy.  Exercise regularly.  Keep in touch with loved ones and keep them informed.

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4 Responses to Lady Bits – Visit 1

  1. Irma says:

    Too funny girlie but I loved it. Great news that it can b “fixed” so happy for you. Love you

  2. Nellie says:

    I am very happy for you. Love Ya

  3. Sally says:

    That’s great! Not only did you get a great Doc, but one that works out where you work out. Keep up the great work and I am so HAPPY FOR YOU. Luv Ya, and MISS Y’All. Mommmmmmmmm

  4. Gena _P says:

    Girl, it just means you need to keep practicing and practicing and practicing…. hehehe. Get back on that horse.

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