Gary P. Nunn at Lindenau Hall

Last night we went to an event hosted by the Poor Boys Crew.  They served some good barbecue, all the fixins and some sweet tea.  After dinner we proceeded to the Lindenau Hall for some live music and dancing. 
(This pic borrowed from Google Images)
Before I proceed, let me tell you a little about this dance hall.  It once served as a schoolhouse, community center, and place of worship.  In 1901 it became a rifle club which is now used for social events. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked in is there was no running a/c in this place.  The only air was the breeze coming through the open windows and the one fan aimed at the stage to cool the band.  Anybody that knows me knows that I am one cranky little B when I get hot, and especially sweaty.  But no worries we sat near the stage, near the band, near the fan, near the window!  And despite the 85 degree weather earlier in the day, it was quite cool and breezy by night.
It was BYOB so we brought our own beverages to help keep cool and quinch our thirst.  No worries the only thing this little beer face guy was sippin on was his sippy cup milk.  But since he was sitting at my table with beer in hand making beer face I just couldn’t resist taking his pic.
We were serenaded with some Texas Country by the likes of Gary P. Nunn.  Some good shtuff!!! 

He had fans of all ages.  I happened to catch one little lady sitting beside the speaker staring at him while he sang.

He even had several prommers that came for the show after their school dance.  This pretty prom queen also happened to be celebrating her birthday, which she received a special birthday song from Mr. Gary P. Nunn!

And these even prettier ladies put their boots to use and cut a rug.  They danced all night long!  This made for good times!  It’s not like the places I once frequented, but it definitely is so much more memorable.  From what my MIL, FIL, and husband had to say it seems they had many memories of happenings in this place back in their younger days as well.  Cough cough.

By the way I shared my wine with Gary!  I can call him that because the way I see it is when you share your beverages with someone by that point you should be on first name basis.  He happened to be in mid-song when he asked if anyone in the house had some red wine.  So me being me waved my arms in the air and screamed “wooooooo”.  The drummer made eye contact and we non-verbally communicated.  He nodded and then I pointed to the bottle, he nodded again, and then I nodded back.  In all that non-verbal communication with head and hand gestures what was said was Gary would like a glass, I said are you serious, he said yes, I said okay.  So I poured him a glass, showed it to him, and left it on stage for him.  I have the signed bottle as proof!!!

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3 Responses to Gary P. Nunn at Lindenau Hall

  1. Sally says:

    That’s great. Does this mean my “Baby” is learning to Dance by her Father and Grandparents. She looks like she’s having a great time. And you sound like you had a great time. Life is a little different out there than in the City. Enjoy every bit of it. Love you all, Mom.

  2. rokaye says:

    Lot of history and family fun at Lindenau Hall. This is the floor where I learned to dance. Loved this evening with y’all!!! Lydi is on her way to being the dancing cowgirl queen. Love ya!! Oma

  3. Gena _P says:

    OMG, It sounds like you all had a great time and are well on your way to creating dance hall days memories for MyLydi.

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