Compassion – sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. 

As I write this I am teary-eyed reflecting on the events of my evening.  After picking up my little lady from school today we called Dad as we do every day.  He told us he would not make it home this evening because he was stuck out of town.  Which results in a girls date night.  Yay!!!  We love Dad!  But we love our girls night together too!

We went to a fast food establishment for dinner, ordered our food and scouted a table.  We sat near the front door facing the parking lot just because we love window views.  I asked her how her day was and she tells me of the happenings of her day.  One thing in particular that seems to bother is the lack of respect her peers have for each other and the teachers.  That is not something most kids usually think about or worry themselves with.  Well she is not most kids!  It bothers her to no end.  So I comfort her and give her advice on how to handle these situations.   In the middle of our conversation she excuses herself and walks toward the door.  In slowly walks an elderly woman and her husband even slower walking behind her.  Gasp!  My kid got up to hold the door open for them.  It’s nothing unusual because she does things out of the kindness of her heart.  I mean come on she helps with special needs children at her school.  How many kids do you know willing to do the same?!?!  Rare.  We finish our meal and pick up after ourselves.  As we are near exiting the door the lady that she held the door open for earlier approached and stopped her before she could exit.  She handed her a dollar bill which my daughter refused to accept.  Now all you peeps that know my baby girl know that she loves making some money.  Yes she does chores in exchange but when she wants something she works for that money and doesn’t refuse it.  This time she absolutely refused to accept it!!!  She looked at me puzzled.  She didn’t understand why the lady was offering her the dollar.  The lady embraced her and said “thank you, you didn’t have to do that, please take this”.  My Lydi refused she said “no mam, I didn’t do anything I was just being nice, thank you”.  They both look at me and by this point I am in tears.  I embrace both of them.  And at that moment she looked at my baby and said “please take this, you were so kind and I don’t have my grandchildren here I want you to have this”.  With a puzzled look on her face Lydi accepted it.  Once in the car after I gathered my emotions I explained to her the importance of what she did for this lady and her husband and how much it meant to them.  You don’t realize what a wonderful little person you have raised until you are presented with these type of situations. 

She is a little high maintenance, sassy pants, but boy does she have a BIG heart!!!  Yes it took some swats to the butt, groundation, and a handful reminders.  But really what it comes down to is she was raised with discipline, structure, taught respect and manners, and given endless love!!!  And this is a perfect example of how important those things are and what an impact they have on everyone.

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8 Responses to Compassion…

  1. Irma says:

    Ok see, now I’m in tears. Why can’t more children be like our little ladies. Love you girls!

  2. Gena _P says:

    I read this last night and cried.

  3. Sally says:

    You’ve raised a fine young LADY. And your right on the little things do make a big difference in other people’s life. Love and miss you all. MOM

  4. Irma says:

    I’m going to pray a lot for you so that you can be a mom to another beautiful child or two or whatever comes. Mother’s like you are too few in this world. Way to go mom!

  5. Mayra says:

    Great now i am going to cry.

  6. Sheloveslovesloves says:

    Lol! So you can just imagine the state I was in as all this was happening!

  7. Mercedes says:

    Aw! Lydi is so Sweet! This doesn’t suprise me that she did that bc he is such a Sweetheart!

  8. shane says:

    how did she get so sweet, must be from jeff, lmao not, lol she has a great mom and dad to thank for it, and im praying you get to raise the little tot the same way. good luck.

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