What are coed playtime rules these days?!?!

There are several kids in our neighborhood…and they all for whatever reason want to play at my house.  Our next door neighbor is a frequent visitor.  She is 4 and bossy!  We all know how female 4 yr olds play…or any female for that matter.  They boss, tell you what to say, what you can and can’t play with, and what exactly you need to do to play out her little scenario.  And of course my sweet sweet girl goes along with every bit of it.  As I sat babysitting every stuffed animal in the house until the girls returned from their exotic trip (what is a 4yr old doing taking my daughter on an overseas trip?!?!) another little 4 yr old came to the door.  This wasn’t just any 4 yr old at the door…it was a male!  I let him know before he came into the house that the girls were playing with babies and bears and vacationing and he said it’s okay and proceeds through the door and up the stairs.  I’m working on my laptop and I hear him yell in the manliest little four-year old voice “babe I’m home” and can’t help but laugh uncontrollably and a “honey I’m on vacation” response.  My daughter runs downstairs laughing her head off as I ask “what is going on in my camp?!?!”.  She said “nothing mom we are on a trip”, but can’t stop laughing.  ROFLMAO!!!   They both come running downstairs to see what all the commotion is about.  And my kiddo suggests they work on crafts or something.  Lol!!!  I’m also messing with my camera trying to retrieve pictures off of it to post here and the little guy wants to see my pictures.  After flipping through all of my pics he calls the girls together for a group photo…which I guess he is expecting me to take.  So I do!!!
He asks to see the picture so I show him.  I look a little closer.
Wait.  Are those?  I think that little dude has my daughters platform sandals on. 
He does!!! What the heck?!?!
I feel like I need to go to his mom and tell her your son was at my house, and he was playing house with the girls, and they went on a mini-vacation, and he had my daughter’s platform sandals on, and, and…IIIII dooooon’t knoooooooow!!!!  You know you have to be really careful what goes on in your house these days it can be misconstrued.  Holy heck! What do I do?!?!  This kid has never played at my house before!!!  I don’t know how to handle coed playtime.  So I just shut it down.  Unh unh…until I can talk to other parents and get the okay, we are only playing in the backyard with the dog or in the front with our bikes.  I tell the kids to get their shoes on because it’s time to go.  He brings me his shoes and asks me to put on for him.  I can’t even keep from laughing as I type this because it just gets better.  As I’m putting his shoes on the little dude is totally checking out my cleavage.  Are you freaking kidding me?!?!  I tell myself he’s not.  Oh but he so was…he says “I like your shirt”.  ROFLMAO!!!!!  Oh my greatness!  Now I really feel like I need to talk to his mother before we have another coed playtime.  I don’t want to be the inappropriate mom that lets the neighborhood kids play in my daughter platform sandals (which BTW she isn’t allowed to wear), play house/mini-vacations, and shows her cleavage!!!  Which honestly this time I wasn’t showing much of anything but what there was he was trying his darndest to get a look at it. 
These are the shoes he came with and these are the shoes he is leaving with!!! 

I need to figure out this coed playtime thing!  Oy vey!

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5 Responses to What are coed playtime rules these days?!?!

  1. Gena _P says:

    Hahahaha girl, you let him be. He was just trying to get in the play mode. He has to go with the crowd considering he’s the only boy with two bossy girls in the room. He’s a smart kid if you ask me.

  2. shane says:

    first time playing at your house and hes wearing platforms??? what is going on at your house.lol 🙂 … well we know he the shoes didnt effect his male habbits lol. too funny.

  3. Moni says:

    ROFLMBO!!! That is hilairious!!! I can’t imagine him running down your stairs in thos platforms. All I can see is taking a tumble down…LOL!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with that coed play time girl.

  4. Lori Gearheart says:

    It’s good for boys to explore girly toys during playtime in an innocent setting. He’ll be just fine. He’ll develop some empathy for his Mom (or future wifey) walking around in platforms & it doesn’t sound like it hurt his male psyche any….. We bought my son a couple of babies when he was little so he knew how to hold his baby sister before she came along. Now he doesn’t want anything to do with her babies or her dress up shoes for that matter. His favorite color was pink during her first year of life but now there isn’t an effeminate bone in his body…. He is very kind to the girls tho. All boy here!

    • Sheloveslovesloves says:

      Lori-I agree with you 200%!!! My concern was not all parents share the same thoughts. And you really have to be careful these days when you have kids over. I was just worried because he had never played in our house before and I had never met his parents. But you bet your cute little scooter I went straight to mother and introduced myself and made sure that all was okay. I am still adjusting to small city life…the kids all come over to play and I have never met some of their parents. Unh unh…not me! I walk my daughter to their house and introduce myself and meet the parental units and scope things out.

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