The Royal Kiss…

OMG!!!!  I missed the wedding because I totally slept through my alarm.  But I totally saw “the kiss”!!!  I didn’t know when exactly it was going to happen because I left my timeline printout on the printer.  In an attempt to document my princess watching the Royal Wedding festivities I caught it!!!  I had just snapped a picture so I could gauge and adjust my camera settings and lighting (which was horrible) and in the background is the prince and the new Duchess of Cambridge being all kissy kissy. 
OMG!!!!!  They kissed!!!  We both squealed with excitement!!!  You see we are total romantics at heart.

I have received much criticism on my excitement for the Royal Wedding this week.  And most of the fuss from those people has been…”why is this such a big deal”, “who cares”, and “that wouldn’t happen here”.  The big deal is they are royals and it is a part of history!  And I care you jackwad!  And the reason that kind of order wouldn’t happen here is because there are jackwads (yes they do exist everywhere we go) that ruin stuff for everyone!!!  They can’t control themselves. 

Regardless of what others do or don’t think about it, this is a part of history.  And I am happy to have witnessed the little bit that I did get to see of it with my daughter.  Catherine’s dress was absolutely beautiful!!!  Simple, elegant, and classy!  She was a beautiful bride!  And I must say that Prince William looked very dapper in his getup. 

Did you see the Royal Wedding?  What were your thoughts?  And yes, jackwads can leave comments too, but be nice!

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3 Responses to The Royal Kiss…

  1. Gena _P says:

    I set my dvr to record in case I overslept, which I did. But I watched it as I was getting ready and saw the kiss too. I thought it was such a beautiful thing. I loved her dress, reminded me of Princess Grace. Katherine was absolutely beautiful. I liked how they walked out on the balcony and you could see her surpise and she says “wow” at all the people waiting to see their kiss. It was a fairy tale wedding.

  2. Irma says:

    Didn’t watch it, didn’t even know when it was going to happen….been too busy for it. But congratulations to them. My cake is fitting to have been finished last night 🙂

  3. Moni says:

    I heard the wedding while I was getting ready and unfortunately missed the kiss, but definitely watched as they were pronounced husband and wife. LOVED IT, even though I was like blah…blah…blah… in the days leading up to the event. I must say, it does inspire hope that love is still out there. They looked so happy to be standing next to each other, it was indeed beautiful!

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