Something About Skirts…

I am back!!!  Sorry I have been away for so long!!!  I have so many excuses but not one is excusable!  I hope to share a couple of them in the near future…maybe…maybe not.  I guess you will just have to wait and see.

Last month Mr. Loves and I went to dinner…alone!!!  Kiddo is visiting Grandma…wootwoot holla.  Yes, I miss her dearly, but oh how I love mommy daddy time.  We don’t get much of it so we are living it up!  Initially it was a huge adjustment but I think we have figured things out.  Back to my story…so last month we went to dinner.  He wore his usual jeans, polo, and boots…and I wore a skirt, tank, and sandals and brought along a cardigan.  Well I hopped out of the jeep and up went my skirt. 
ME:  (shriek) aaaaahhhhhhhh
HIM: what happened!?!?!
ME: my skirt flew up
HIM: (head shake side to side) unh unh unh woman
ME: I didn’t do it on purpose the wind blew it up when I hopped down
HIM:  uh huh sure
ME:  (big grin on my face) I really didn’t!!!
And then we laugh!
We ate our meal, talked about how much we miss our princess, what we are going to do in her absence, work, family, friends, and life.  On the way out a big gust of wind blows my skirt up again!  I laugh and I twirl and up it goes higher!  And that was the end of my high flying skirt.

Or so I thought…it happened to me again!!! Yesterday!!!  At work!!!  I am the only chick in my office!!!  What had happened was…
I took a break from my work to go see the nice clean shop and really just to stretch.  We were talking about all the things the guys picked up and equipment they cleaned off.  All you folks living in Texas know about the heat and humidity.  I mention how hot it is so they turn on the big shop fan.  And that is how it happened!!!  Embarrassing!!!  Thankfully my skirt has a lining and didn’t make it as far as it did in the picture shown above and the guys were distracted by the fan blowing other things around in the shop.  I took off running back to my office not to be seen by anyone again!

There is something girls love about the their skirt blowing in the wind.  That is why you sometimes little girls in dresses or skirts twirl to watch their dress fly up as their mommy or daddy yells at them to quit showing their underpants.  Any mom with a little girl knows what I am talking about.  Heck some of you ladies still do it!  cough cough blue dress GP!!!  I can’t explain it but I know you chicks know exactly what I’m talking about!  It’s a fun feeling!

I guess it all goes back to Marilyn Monroe! Now that chick knows how to fly her skirt high!

Ladies, today I say “fly your skirt high”!!!


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