About Me…

From fast-paced city girl, Chanel and high heels… to laid back country girl, jeans and cowboy boots…

Jason Aldean must’ve had me in mind when he sang Big Green Tractor.  Every word in that song tells of what my life has turned into.  I went from pretty little black dresses, heels, and hair all curled (or straightened), in her shiny little beamer…to the dogs barking and wagging all around, and riding on the big green tractor, driving through the woods and out to the pasture.  Okay well not so much riding on the big green tractor.

I am a born and raised big city girl.  In my adult life I moved out of the big city once just to find myself right back there…or so I thought.  After trial and error relationships, dabbling with online dating, and some prayers for a good ol’ country boy that would love me as much as I love myself  (and anybody that knows me knows that I sure do love me!!! ) I once again moved out of the big city.  This time I wouldn’t return.  I married the man in my prayers.  With my new man came a whole new life…a little bit of the country life.  We have a lovely little princess that our entire world revolves around!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more…okay maybe a winning lottery ticket, or a permanent vacation on the beach, or world peace.  My love for everything from sushi and sakitinis, to a fabulous evening out with my girls (for any old reason!!!) has changed to little Mrs. Homemaker, and frequent trips to the country.  And surprisingly I love it!!!  I have to laugh every time I catch myself telling stories about the cows or sending pictures of them to my girls back in the big city. 

Sheloveslovesloves rooted from all the MANY things I love, the people I love, and just LOVE in general!  In an effort to stay away from technology and online social networking I somehow found myself face-to-face with the online world.


4 Responses to About Me…

  1. Jeff says:

    I love you honey

  2. Moni says:

    I love you too boo boo!!

  3. Chevron says:

    Bravo! You did a remarkable job in creating the blog. The information you posted about yourself and life was entertaining to read. You are a wonderful/beautiful person inside and out. You are truly missed here in the city, but I hope and also know that you are enjoying your life as a country girl (chick). Take care hun and continue doing an outstanding job :).

  4. Irma says:

    Missing you terribly CC but I’m so happy for you. I just love how much your “grown” since the day I met you several years ago. You are a beautiful person, completely. We’ll be seeing you.

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